Steele Canyon Yearbook

Canyon Echoes 2016-17

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There is a new way to order your Yearbook...

Log on to Herff Jones secure website:

Your order number is 8966. Please have this number handy when you log in to order your yearbook.

Senior Ads

Gone are the days of worrying if your student's name and your message will be correct in your tribute. Gone are the days of depending on the yearbook staff to recreate your vision. Now, you create your ad just the way you want it! The last day to order & create your Senior's ad is March 13, 2017

Yearbook Distribution 

Yearbooks will be distributed on Thursday, June 1, in the gym. 

     Seniors Only: 5:00 - 6:00

     Underclass: 6:00-7:00

Bring your friends and make it a PARTY!

Senior Portraits

It is your Senior year and as such, it is time to take your Senior portraits. Unlike your underclass years, you must get them done at Boyd Andersen's Studio, in order for your picture to be published in the yearbook. The sitting fee for one yearbook pose is free of charge. 

Last day to take a Senior Portrait is December 19, 2016

This deadline has passed, if you did not do this, you will not be in the mug shot section of this yearbook. 

Senior Standouts

The winners of the Senior Standouts will be announced at the Senior Banquet 

Last day to pick up your yearbook is MONDAY, June 5